Although whitepapers come in many shapes and sizes, a good whitepaper contains important information that is crucial to educate potential investors about the token or product. Providing material information without misrepresentations is crucial in avoiding any legal exposure.

Since white papers will be used to educate the public and provide the required information for certain SEC compliant token offerings, the whitepaper must be reviewed for legal and regulatory compliance.

Our team will work with you to make certain that your whitepaper complies with all applicable regulations while also presenting your best case to potential investors. Don’t rely on just anyone to prepare your whitepaper.  Hire an experienced blockchain attorney to assist in the development and drafting of your whitepaper in order to mitigate any potential liability.

An effective whitepaper should contain the following sections:

  • Legal Disclaimer and Risk Factors
  • Industry Overview
  • Technical Architecture
  • Tokenomics and Token Usage Details
  • Any security associated with the token
  • Business Model including use of proceeds
  • Go to Market Strategy; and
  • Team members