Blake with Tour de Crypto Cyclists

One of Many Appearances
on Wild West Crypto

After 20 years of practicing law and being involved in high-stakes multi-million dollar commercial and bankruptcy litigation involving securities, breaches of fiduciary duties, and deceptive trade practices, among others, Blake’s career began to take a turn in 2017, when he discovered cryptocurrency.

What started as mere crypto-curiosity, has blossomed into a passion leading Blake to become the co-founder of the Tour De Crypto (a 4000- mile cycling event raising cryptocurrency for charity), Executive Director of the Houston Blockchain Alliance, and legal advisor to the Litecoin Foundation. Then, after Blake witnessed a plethora of failed ICOs and outright scams that tarnished the space in 2018, Blake decided to open his own law firm to counsel his clients and offers practical solutions in the ever-changing world of blockchain technology, digital currencies, Security Token Offerings (STOs) and the tokenization of assets.

While Blake will continue to represent clients in bankruptcy and commercial litigation, his new firm provides him the flexibility to build a new, leading-edge practice focused on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. In his new practice, Blake will help his clients navigate the process of creating, marketing and launching regulatory compliant STOs and asset-based tokens.

The firm’s services include:

  • Evaluation and management of regulatory risks;
  • Preparing and legal review of all applicable pre- and post-offering technological documents including private placement memoranda, limited partnership agreements, token purchase agreements and subscription agreements;
  • Reviewing all such documents for compliance with securities regulations;
  • Legal review of development plans, white papers, marketing materials and press releases to confirm compliance with applicable laws and regulations;
  • Assisting with third-party fundraising, crowdfunding, and other regulatory compliant fundraising avenues;
  • Providing the latest cryptocurrency regulatory updates, including relevant releases by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodity Futures and Trading Commission (CFTC);
  • Providing ongoing support for the key regulatory challenges facing cryptocurrency investors, fund managers and developers, including the question of whether ICOs are considered securities under U.S. federal and state laws;
  • Advising on KYC, AML and FCPA compliance issues involved in the formation of cryptocurrency funds; and
  • Advising fund managers on general business practice and appropriate company formation.